When the Family is in Legal Distress – Who Can Help?

When the family breaks down, it is not unusual for the members to get in disputes with each other especially when parents are fighting over child custody, support or property settlement. In Australia, resolving these family issues is in the provisions of Australian Family Law and with the help of Sydney family lawyers, families in dispute have the protection of the law and their rights are ensured and safeguarded.

Child custody

Australia Family Law clearly specifies that parents have equal parental responsibility for children under 18-year-old unless specified by the court. However, a parent can seek sole custody over a child or children but must present solid pieces of evidence that it is the best interest of the child or children. Australian Family Court is responsible for deciding “parental right” and hands down parental orders. However, with the help of Sydney family lawyers, a parent can seek help in securing “consent order” which is a written agreement between both parents and that has to be submitted to the court. The Family Court is responsible for making “consent order” legally binding only when deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the child or children.

Child support

Seeking for child support parents must agree on how much support to be paid and how the payment can be made. The child support becomes appropriate only when both parties had agreed well on terms and had negotiated through the help of a lawyer. Child support attorney is the best legal professional in helping a parent or both parents come well in negotiating the terms for child support and in making the child support agreement a binding agreement. A binding agreement allows one parent or both parents to determine the amount of support to be paid without DHS assessment and can be paid directly to one party. The amount can be in a lump sum and the agreement can only be revoked or varied by the Family Court.

Transfer of family’s property title

Family selling properties sometimes get in conflicts when their rights are violated. This can be avoided by seeing the help of property conveyancing lawyers that help families selling or transferring real property titles in ensuring all legal obligations are met and all rights of both parties are protected.

Family is the basic unit of our society and sometimes members get into conflicts especially when their rights are violated. With Australian Family Law, each family is protected and Sydney family lawyers ensure the Law provisions are applied well and good.

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