A Rundown of What to Expect in Joining Opportunity Classes

Before a student enters a selective school in Australia, they participate in what is called an opportunity class or OC. These are special classes for the academically gifted, with Year 4 students required to take the opportunity class test in order to be selected. If successful, they will spend Years 5 and 6 in one of the 76 primary schools that offers opportunity classes. There are cases where students have to relocate as many of these schools are located in New South Wales.

By 2022, the NSW Government has listed 1,830 places for Year 5 OC schools in Sydney and across the state. The number of places varies from school to school but some are able to offer up to 90 places, particularly Aurora College (for virtual opportunity classes) and a couple of 60 places in Artarmon Public School, Hurtsville Public School, and Woollahra Public School. The rest offer 15 and 30 places.

This year, the opportunity class test will be held on 21 July 2021. Applications have been opened on April 20 and closed on May 7. This placement test will be the basis for selection, thus parents usually hire tutoring colleges to help their children ace the exam. Those in Year 4 would usually spend a year being coached and supported by education groups until they are able to master various skills and competencies that will help them excel academically.

The promise of entering a selective school begins with an opportunity class. And to enter an opportunity class, one must succeed in answering the OC test paper. This paper-based examination is structured with 3 sections: reading, mathematical reasoning, and thinking skills. All are multiple-choice type questions slightly varying in the number of questions and time allotment. Contrary to popular belief, test formats actually change periodically making it unpredictable even for tutoring colleges.

There is no doubt that taking an opportunity class test can be challenging. It actually depends on who is taking the test, but definitely, it is made to help select those who are academically advanced. Preparations will help a lot but it also needs to match the level of motivation and desire to be in an OC school. If unsuccessful, it does not spell the end for a child to succeed in life. Selective schools and OCs are great to be part of but it does not guarantee a successful future. That part is still mostly on the part of the parent and the child.  

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