3 Marble Mishaps That Lead to Renovations

Installing marble floors in your home is not just an investment, it is a statement! Now we all know that this kind of material does not come cheap considering the cost of high-quality marble plus marble polishing and maintenance. Cheap marble may cost less than $10, but the best ones can run up to $50! The more expensive the marble is, the more it evokes opulence and class and is a perfect way to elevate the style of your home or office space. 

But with great beauty comes great responsibility. Unlike typical ceramic or vinyl floor tiles, this material, when damaged, will need special care from specialists that do marble restoration in Sydney. This natural stone may look sturdy but it can easily crack or chip off when left unchecked. And it would be very difficult to DIY a damaged marble tile. Sadly, Human clumsiness is a major factor in marble deterioration. Here are some examples:

Spilling or using acidic liquids on marble

Ammonia, orange, and even vinegar and wine are just some of the liquids that can leave a permanent scar on your precious marble surface. Like granite, marble is a porous stone. When acid is poured on it, it absorbs the acid causing it to break down. The result will be the dulling of the marble’s surface. If your marble surface has the sealant to waterproof the surface, or if the sealant was poorly applied, then acidic liquids can easily penetrate the marble surface. Marble polishing is actually the best remedy for this situation.

Heavy impact objects

While marble may look super sturdy, it can only hold up to a certain weight and when faced with the impact of something heavy, it can still crack or break, especially for countertops and floors. It is important to still be careful when moving your fridge or dining table so as not to scratch or crack the marble surface. When the damage is too deep or severe, even marble polishing might not be able to remedy it.

Poor marble support installation

Some marble damage, especially cracking, may not be a direct result of your carelessness but the one who installed your marble flooring. If not done professionally, your marble may show premature cracks and damage due to uneven leveling of concrete substrate or it’s just not enough concrete substrate, to begin with. For these situations, marble floor renovation may be needed to correct the installation done on the material. That is why it is important to consult and hire experts in installing this precious stone in your house.

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