Moore Writes #5

Random ButtonOkay, so I really suck at this updating regularly thing. To those of you who know me, that’s no surprise. To those of you who are new here, that’s what you’re in for–infrequent and inconstant updates. Sorry, that’s just how this writer girl rolls.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, a bit of a state of the writing union. Forgotten Magic has officially been finished. The words “THE END” were written and everything. I haven’t started the editing process yet, because that’s the story I’m going to be workshopping the start of at Viable Paradise in a month. (Please hold while I do a little happy dance about that. – - – Okay, done.)

I’ve started working on another project in the meantime, a shorter-form piece to act as a bit of a palate cleanser between my novels. I am going to really try to get some more shorts done in the coming months. I’ve got several started, but they always seem to want to transform into something longer and I put them aside before getting sucked in. I have one flash piece and a poem I need to spend some time editing and then shop around. Maybe I’ll set some time aside this weekend for that so I can submit them next week.

In Broods of Fenrir news, I’ve started the third book. It’s just a handful of scenes right now and the plot is still forming in my head, but at least there are words and some of them even form sentences! In fact, I’ll share what is currently the first scene with you now. As usual with the snippets from my writing journal, it hasn’t been edited and is still rough. There’s also no promise that this scene will remain in its current form, or any other form in the final manuscript because many things can change between now and then. Be warned, there are spoilers from the previous books in this scene if you haven’t read them yet. And now, on with the show…


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When Is It Okay to Kidnap Someone?

I’ll give a hint for those who want to skip to the end: NEVUnder_the_Dome_intertitleER.

Before I start this rant in earnest, let me state that this doesn’t apply to consensual acts between adults where a person might enjoy being imprisoned. People like different stuff. Some of them like to role play. That is not what I’m here to rant about.

What we’re here to talk about today is why on Earth an otherwise-not-bad show like Under the Dome thinks kidnapping someone is ever okay. I suppose I should offer a ***SPOILER ALERT*** even though what I’m going to discuss plot-wise happens mostly in the first couple of episodes. I’ll even put in a jump to shield unwary eyes just in case… (more…)

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Am I a Caterpillar or a Butterfly?

I wrote a poem last night. I was kind of shocked because I’m not really a poet. That wasn’t the only amazing thing about the experience though. I think it might have been the first moment when I actually thought, “Holy shit, I’m really a writer.” I’ll explain, because I’m sure that’s a little strange to hear from me. The poem summarizes a week’s worth of interesting experiences into a single moment that never really happened, but shows what those disparate points in time taught me when taken together.

I’ve never really thought of myself as ‘that writer.’ You know, the one who’s deep and tortured and has a message. I write stories I’d like to read. I invent characters and put them in difficult situations to see how they’d react. This is the first time I learned something about life that I wanted to share. It was kind of amazing. Anyway, I’m not posting the poem up here just yet. I’d like to polish it up and send it out a few places to see if anyone picks it up. I will tell you the title though: “Old Woman in a Cuban Bakery”

If you like, tell me something awesome that happened to you this week. I’d love to hear about it.


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Author Promo: Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Chasing MattAuthor duo Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin have released their first collaboration, Chasing Matt, a racy M/M novella. (Follow them on Twitter here and here.)

What I loved about this story is that neither of the guys were particularly alpha and both were very real. Chase is shy and awkward. Matt is wary of putting himself in a position to be hurt again.

It’s a quick read that will leave you wanting more, but even though it’s short there are nicely developed characters and a storyline. Including an ending that I loved. I can’t wait for something longer from this pair! And now, on to the blurb:

Chase Williams is a gorgeous but painfully shy web designer whose long term boyfriend dumped him for being such a “nice” guy. Instead of meeting his buddies at the local bar for a drink he helps his elderly neighbor with a DIY project. When a wobbly step ladder leads to a banged up wrist and a trip to the ER Chase is convinced it’s the worst night ever. Then he meets his handsome nurse.

Matt Owens is the boy next door who loves working in the busy ER. He’s more than ready to clock out from his double shift until he meets his patient in Bed 4. Matt’s bedside manner is charming enough to make Chase consider throwing caution to the wind and going after what he wants for a change. But will Matt’s attraction to Chase be enough to make him to break his rule about never dating patients?

Amazon buy link

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August Giveaway: Get a copy of Elements of Rebellion for Free

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00029]Hello out there!

For the rest of the month of August I’m giving away copies of Elements of Rebellion on Smashwords. What do you have to do to get your very own eBook copy for absolutely free? Say hello. Find me on Twitter or Facebook or Goodreads and send me a message saying anything you like. Ask me a question or rant to me about something that’s bothering you; whatever you want. I’ll send you back a coupon code good until the end of the month that will let you download the book in your chosen format for free.

Only seven days left in the month, so get your fingers moving and say hello soon!


PS – An alternative way to get a copy if you’re shy (although I won’t bite, I promise) is to join up with my mailing list over there on the right —> I’ll be posting a code to that list on Wednesday, August 28th.

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