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The Water’s Getting Deep

DeepWaterI’m so very late with this news, as usual, but my first sold story is available now! *insert sounds of fanfare and merriment here*

“Deep Water” is available for purchase as a stand-alone title here. You can also buy the full anthology here.

Here’s the blurb:


Mario Guzman is trying out for the swim team, his ticket to paying his way through college. When he meets Jordan Lewis, an outspoken writer for the school’s paper, he considers coming out even though he’s been very private about his sexuality all his life.

Violence intended for Jordan takes Mario out of consideration for the team and threatens his best hope for an education. He lashes out when Jordan tries to help him in his time of need. Eventually Mario regrets driving Jordan away, and his need to apologize takes him to the scene of the attack, where he confronts his pain and terror. This time Jordan is there to help him face the biggest obstacle in his path.

Hearts and puppies,


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Finally, An Update

First, let me start with an apology for not updating for a long while. Since the New Year I’ve had a whole bunch going on, but that’s really no excuse. Going forward I am going to do my absolute level best to update at least weekly, even if it’s some ridiculous nonsense, which it will likely be about half the time.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’m on schedule to graduate from my Master’s program in May. The project I’ve decided to submit is the new novel I’m working on. I’m unsure as I’m writing this if I’ve mentioned what it’s about on here yet, so let’s save it as another update if not. (Look at me, milking this thing already.)

I’ve got another Broods of Fenrir short in the works. It will be another freebie, so it will go up here whenever it’s ready. Watch this space!

The final bit of news I wanted to share was that you will soon be able to buy all my books from right here, on my website via Gumroad. Pretty linkies below.

Broods of Fenrir – Epub
Broods of Fenrir – Mobi
Broods of Fenrir – PDF

Marked by Odin – Epub
Marked by Odin – Mobi
Marked by Odin – PDF

Elements of Rebellion – Epub
Elements of Rebellion – Mobi
Elements of Rebellion – PDF

PS for authors: Gumroad is very user friendly and so far seems an easy way to sell direct to customers. So if you’ve been looking for that like I have, check them out!

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Marked by Odin is out!

Some scars are more than skin deep.

After killing his sadistic brother, Brand inherits the responsibility for his brother’s brood. Now, he must convince the brood that their barbaric way of life belongs in the past and demand change in order to secure their future.

Crushed by the death of his mate, Gunni believes it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to the loneliness that plagues his life. He follows Brand out of loyalty, but he secretly craves the peace that death will bring—until he is confronted with the most infuriating human he’s ever met.

Leo is a throwback who has never quite fit in with human society. Drawn into the savage world of the werewolves, not entirely against his will, he discovers that the Broods of Fenrir don’t fear much… except him.

These three conflicting personalities unite in pursuit of an unscrupulous trapper who has taken a member of Brand’s brood captive. They must track him down before he uncovers what they are and their secret is revealed.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 58,000 words or 210 paperback pages

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language and Sexual Content

Read an excerpt here.

Available in eBook at All Romance, Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble, Drive Thru Fiction, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. Also available in paperback at Amazon and CreateSpace.

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Marked by Odin Release Day Giveaway

To celebrate the release day of Marked by Odin and the one year anniversary of Broods of Fenrir, I’m giving away a load of stuff! Three prize packs are up for grabs, plus I have a few extra paperbacks kicking around I may give away too if there are lots of entries. Use the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page to enter. Contest closes on release day, November 20th, at 12:01 am. For those of you not in the US, this giveaway is international.

What is in each prize pack?

    • Broods of Fenrir totebag
    • Broods of Fenrir paperback
    • Marked by Odin paperback
    • Elements of Rebellion paperback
    • coupon codes for free downloads of all my books via Smashwords
    • Various swag – bookmarks, magnets (some pictured below, but not all)
    • 1 wolf figurine sculpted by Becca of Dragons and Beasties (pictured below)

Here’s a picture of the tote and some of the swag (Marked by Odin swag and book not pictured because when I took the photo I didn’t have them)








Here are the wolf figurines:







a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I’m very pleased to announce the release of my second book, Elements of Rebellion. Elements is a stand-alone fantasy novel set in a primitive, barbaric world. If you’d like to read an excerpt, click through to the website for the book. I am still sending out review copies, so if you’d like to request one just use the contact form on the About page.

Here’s the description:

After spending most of her life an unwilling captive in a brothel, Sindari is sold to Lord Devin, a man with a reputation for unspeakable cruelty. In the arms of this man who must pretend he cares nothing for her, Sindari finds compassion, making the journey through her barren homeland all the more perilous. Along the way she discovers she can channel elemental forces that compliment Devin’s ability to manipulate fire.

Harnessing this power, she battles the Dominion, an unrelenting foe that has broken the spirit of the Eldari people through twenty years of savagery. Trapped by the brutal empire that has enslaved millions, Sindari and Devin fight against hopeless odds.

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 85,000

Warnings: Graphic Violence and Sexual Situations

Now available in eBook at All Romance, Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble, Smashwords. Paperback coming soon!

It’s been a long road, and I’m just so glad it’s finally at an end. :)


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