Challenger Deep

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Challenger Deep

I was looking at some historical speeches today and I happened to catch one I’d never heard before, but has quite a lot of childhood emotion wrapped up in it for me: Reagan’s speech following the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle. It’s striking to me, while I’m no fan of Reagan’s in particular, that his love for this country and its institutions is so obvious in every line. And I want to say something to the schoolchildren of America who were watching the live coverage of the shuttle’s takeoff. I know it is hard to understand, but sometimes painful...

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Yes, Me Too

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To anyone who thinks women aren’t constantly marginalized in our civilized modern society: You’re wrong. Just this morning I’ve read about: 1) A woman who was followed down the street and harassed for the crime of walking home unattended. 2) A woman who was made so uncomfortable by a man at the gym that she hasn’t gone back yet. These are two women who I know who had two gross experiences this weekend. What really disturbed me about these events when looked at together is that they are so innocuous. You know what I mean. These women weren’t touched or harmed so...

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Lack of Intelligence (and Diversity)

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Be Ye Warned, There are Spoilers Ahead Most of you know that I’m a rabid consumer of television. Like a lot of kids my age, I was mostly raised by TV. I don’t say that as a bad thing, just a truth. I don’t watch as much as the “average American” whoever that represents, but I watch quite a bit. In particular I always give fantasy and science fiction shows a chance, in solidarity for my genre of choice. I was pretty excited when I saw the previews for Intelligence start a couple of months ago. I find current-tech and near-future SciFi particularly exciting...

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Smurfette, You’re Fired

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The lovely Seanan McGuire made several tweets today about something I honestly had never even considered as a problem, but has been twisting my brain around all day since she mentioned it. Basically, her point was that as women we are our own worst enemies, not through any fault of our own, but because of the way our culture raises us. She specifically mentioned something called “Smurfette Syndrome,” the idea that if you’re the only woman in a group, you are automatically the most beautiful and desirable, that really got the old gray matter churning. If I think back on most of the cartoons...

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When Is It Okay to Kidnap Someone?

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I’ll give a hint for those who want to skip to the end: NEVER. Before I start this rant in earnest, let me state that this doesn’t apply to consensual acts between adults where a person might enjoy being imprisoned. People like different stuff. Some of them like to role play. That is not what I’m here to rant about. What we’re here to talk about today is why on Earth an otherwise-not-bad show like Under the Dome thinks kidnapping someone is ever okay. I suppose I should offer a ***SPOILER ALERT*** even though what I’m going to discuss plot-wise happens mostly in...

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Description Rant

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I’m not sure I’ve ever done a rant prompted by a book before, but I’ve been simmering about this topic since yesterday and I just need to share my anger with someone. So, I’ve been excited to read this one particular book for quite a few months. I’m not going to divulge what the title is, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m picking on this one author. I’ve actually encounter this same issue in books by two other authors, so it’s not as if it’s only something this one author does. I pull up the book on my kindle with a sense of...

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