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Electric Sheep or Incendiary Pigs?

Posted by on Apr 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Electric Sheep or Incendiary Pigs?

Well I almost made it half way in last night’s adventures! I wrote close to 500 words, which is not that bad for me since I didn’t feel like writing at all. I finished off one scene and wrote the transition to another. That leaves *counts on list* twenty-five scenes left. A few of those are rewrites of scenes because of some plot changes that I’ve made along the way. Some of the scenes are very short or just the tail ends of scenes that are already written. All in all I really don’t have very much left, perhaps seventy-five pages. That will put me up around 350 word processor pages which is...

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The Beginning

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 | Comments Off on The Beginning

Anyone who knows me even slightly knows that I suffer from manic bouts of creative energy that ebb and surge more often than the tide. I am overcome by ideas and hurry to realize them before the energy to complete the task leaves me. Today I want to paint, tomorrow I will probably want to write and the next day I might want to bake homemade lemon bread. The day after that I might want to learn how to crochet for all I know. In this frazzled and disjointed frenzy not much ever gets accomplished aside from frustration. I am sure that most creative people deal with this issue, but somehow they...

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