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Author Interview with Julianne Snow

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Today’s interview comes from an author by the name of Julianne Snow. Her new book, Days with the Undead, is a zombie survival journal. Check out the blurb: It’s a journal of survival. Five people set out to escape the Undead who have risen too close to home. Join the emotional and physical struggle as they began on the third day after the awakening of Brooks VanReit, as they are recorded from the point of view of Julie, a former pathologist and part-time survivalist. Each entry is geared toward helping those who want to help themselves and maybe give a few that don’t a swift kick in the ass. Join our group of survivors on their journey through these Days with the Undead. And now, on to the interview: What’s the first word of your book? (You can exclude articles, pronouns or prepositions.) The first word of Days with the Undead: Book One is “close”.   Tell me something about your book that I can’t find in the blurb. That’s a very interesting question… It’s a book about choices. You can choose to live or you can choose to die. Each of your actions is a micro decision closer to either one of those extremes. It’s also a book written completely from the perspective of the protagonist and is told through narratives only.   In one word, describe your main character. (You can expand afterwards, but limit your initial response to one word.) Resilient. Julie, the main character is definitely resilient. She is also compassionate to a certain degree, intense, and yet vulnerable.   Where does your book take place? Tell me about why you picked that location. The book starts out in Toronto, a place that I am very familiar about. For the bulk of the book, the main group of characters are on the move. They travel through part of Canada and the United States looking for a safe haven. The landscape of the book is very different from the one that you might expect to see if you were to drive the same path today. The human world has faced its own extinction and as the social landscape changes, so does the physical landscape. The subject and genre dictate that the landscape had to change and with hordes of the Undead beginning to take up residence on every street corner, it’s not a friendly place.   Tell me about your favorite character that you’ve written. I have enjoyed many of the characters that I have written. In Days with the Undead: Book One, my favorite characters to bring to life were Lily and Liam. Nothing speaks to hope more than the laughter of children; even children that have lived through terrible events. Of my other works, I enjoyed writing Stella, a character in my story for Sirens Call Publications anthology – Childhood Nightmares: Under The Bed. Stella is a young girl plagued with terrible nightmares; a hard topic to properly flesh out while maintaining the innocence of childhood.   What’s your favorite verb? Infecting. It can be used in so many different ways.   What’s the last book you read? Does my own count? The last full length book that I read was The Serpent’s Tale by Ariana Franklin. That was some time ago now as most of what I’ve been reading lately have been shorts.   Who was your favorite fictional character as a child? It would definitely be Princess Ozma from L. Frank Baum’s books about the wonderful world of Oz. I loved reading about her as a child and sometimes, I even dreamed...

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Something Cute This Way Comes

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I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, but today I felt the urge to share it, though it’s still quite early. I asked one of my favorite artists to make prizes for a future promo I have planned. Becca Golins runs a shop called Dragons and Beasties where you can find all manner of adorable fanciful creatures in miniature. Here are two I’ve gotten from her in the past:             Ready to see what I had her make? You sure? Here goes!           Aren’t they just the sweetest pack of wolves you’ve ever seen? When the second Broods book comes out (still planned for the end of the summer) I’m going to be doing a big giveaway that will feature these guys as prizes–assuming I can bear to part with...

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Review for Slave to Sensation

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Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh My rating: 4 of 5 stars The setting of Slave to Sensation a not too distant future, with a slightly altered history. Human evolution has branched out into two distinct species, the Changeling and the Psy. This might sound like the set up to a Sci-Fi story, but really it’s much more firmly placed in the Fantasy realm than anything remotely scientific. Overall, I quite liked the book. I enjoy Singh’s writing style. She has quick pace with not an undue amount of description. There were a few places where the navel-gazing got a bit much, but that’s not unusual in this genre. The formatting of the Kindle version is quite a mess, but not unreadable for me. There are multiple carriage returns between paragraphs and the indentation is inconsistent. If you’re a format stickler, it might make you a little crazy. There are abrupt PoV shifts within scenes, as is pretty prevalent in the paranormal romance genre. I found the head-hopping in this book much less annoying than most, but I don’t know if that’s because it was better handled or I’m just getting used to it. I wasn’t sold on Sascha at the start, but I found her more compelling as the book went on. She wasn’t the usual plucky heroine, but she brought something interesting to the story as she learned how to deal with her emotions. In a way this was almost a coming of age story. Lucas is an alpha male with a haunted past. His character is pretty stereotypical, but since that’s one of my favorite kinds, I liked him. In summary, if you’re a Paranormal Romance fan I think you’ll like this one. I also think it’s a nice introductory book to PNR because the sex isn’t quite as overblown as some others in the genre. View all my...

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Description Rant

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I’m not sure I’ve ever done a rant prompted by a book before, but I’ve been simmering about this topic since yesterday and I just need to share my anger with someone. So, I’ve been excited to read this one particular book for quite a few months. I’m not going to divulge what the title is, because I don’t want anyone to think I’m picking on this one author. I’ve actually encounter this same issue in books by two other authors, so it’s not as if it’s only something this one author does. I pull up the book on my kindle with a sense of excitement because, as I said already, I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve heard wonderful things about this book. The prologue is intriguing, with an interesting overview of a sort of alternate reality earth. I flip eagerly to the first chapter, where I am promptly assaulted by a first person account of sunbathing with a four page description of not only the main character’s outfit, but her hair and her figure. I close the book. I probably sat there dazed for a few seconds. There is nothing–nothing–I want to read less than a self-absorbed character which is exactly how that woman comes off after spending five hundred words describing herself. The rest of the book might be marvelous, but I’m not sure I can wrangle myself into caring at this point. I would much, much rather have no description at all than be handed that so early in the book. I don’t spend that much time thinking about how I look, ever. I just don’t. If I think about my appearance at all I’m more likely to complain about how unruly my hair is behaving that day, or how the bags under my eyes seem to be growing by the hour. This is exactly why I avoid giving descriptions of my characters in scenes from their PoV. It’s so difficult to make the character seem anything other than self-absorbed and disgustingly vain. I wouldn’t even want to have a conversation with a person who spends pages describing herself, never mind read a couple of hundred pages about her life. Ugh. Now that I’ve rambled for entirely too long about this. Do you have any fiction pet peeves you’d like to...

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Review for River Marked

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River Marked by Patricia Briggs My rating: 4 of 5 stars River Marked was different from the other Mercy books, and I’m undecided on which version I prefer. I liked that we got a lot of Mercy’s background that we’d been missing. I also enjoyed the reduced angst because the relationship issues between her and Adam finally got resolved. What I liked less was that beginning seemed slow, I think that’s because a lot of the Native American backstory had to be fit in and that made for less action early on. We do get a good amount Mercy butt-kicking goodness, but it’s left until relatively late. I also thought that Mercy and Adam as a couple deserved more screen time. One big plus I will give in counterpoint is that I love how Adam is willing to let Mercy be herself. There’s always the temptation with dominant characters to run over everyone in the course of getting their way, but it’s nicely handled in this book. Though it’s all in Mercy’s PoV, we get to know a lot of what goes on in Adam’s head. Overall, I felt like this deviated too much from the previous books for me to be entirely thrilled with it, but at the same time I understand that Mercy has to evolve or else there’s little point to continuing on with her story. Still, I love me some coyote-girl and that goes a long way. View all my...

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