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A Ton of News

Posted by on May 7, 2012 | 4 comments

Lots of great news to share so I’ll get right to it. First, the ARCs for Elements of Rebellion are ready in .mobi and .epub formats. I’m still confirming formatting and making a last read-through, but I’m ready to let it go out the door. Anyone interested in a review copy can request one now, just go to the About page and send me a message through the form there. Pdf will be a bit longer I’m afraid, but I’ll update when it’s ready. Right now I’m targeting May 20th as the official release date. So it’s very clear for all the Broods fans, this is not the second Broods book. I’m still writing that one. This is a book that I wrote concurrently with the first Broods book set in a different world, a more traditional fantasy with magic and swords. The Elements of Rebellion website is up and running if you’d like to read the blurb or an excerpt. Second, Underground Book Reviews added Broods to their Summer Reading List. They are also holding a vote for best read of the bunch. Click on over there and vote for your favorite of those titles. Third, Romancing the Darkside, a great PNR/UF book blog, is celebrating their first blogoversary with giveaways of lots of great books. Broods is one of six books she’s giving away this week. Entries close on May 11th, so go check it out! Fourth, I’m sponsoring a Web Hunt this summer June 1st through July 15th at Night Owl Reviews. They are giving away more than 75 prizes, so go sign up to take part! Fifth, a very special thank you to Kindle Fire Department for a very nice writeup of Broods last week. It’s a great site for all things kindle. Writers, they are wonderful to work with and can’t say enough good things about them. Readers, they highlight a new book every day and offer a list of freebies every day to keep your kindle bursting with great reads. Sixth, I’m going to start working on a flash fiction story a week again now that my classes are over for the summer. I won’t promise it will last forever, but I’m going to try to keep it up for a while. If you didn’t get a chance to read some of the stories from last year, here’s a quick list. Whew, I think that covers it. Thanks for reading my rambling news update....

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Virtual Book Fair

Posted by on May 1, 2012 | 1 comment

You might be wondering what exactly I mean by a Virtual Book Fair. Julie Dawson (aka the Sith Witch) over at Bards and Sages Publishing is putting together a great event called the eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair August 17th through 19th this year. It’s free to participate and meant to raise awareness of independent eBook publishing. There will be workshops, panels and lots of awesome prizes! I’ve signed on to be a staffer for this event, in charge of the Scavenger Hunt. It’s going to be a blast, so sign up for it! One event she’s got planned is the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Go check out the nominations in various categories and join in on the discussions about the best independent books. Here’s a link to the eFestival Amazon store if you would rather browse the covers while looking through the books. I was amazed to see that I was nominated in the Best Thriller category. Thank you, whoever you are! Here’s the press release: eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards Bellmawr, NJ: The eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair announces the nominees for the first Best of the Independent eBook Awards. The complete list of nominees can be found at The eFestival of Words, scheduled for August 17-19, 2012, is the first virtual book fair designed specifically to highlight the best of the independent digital publishing community. The awards program is one of many events being ran in conjunction with the fair. According to Event Coordinator Julie Ann Dawson, “The goal of the eFestival of Words Awards is to highlight those independent authors and publishers that have worked to raise the bar in terms of the literary quality and production value and of digital books. Many people still think of ebooks as nothing more than scanned pages of print books. We hope that both the fair and the awards will help readers discover the amazing wealth of original content being produced in digital formats.” Dawson, who has operated Bards and Sages Publishing since 2002, says that all nominees were nominated by their peers in the industry. Only authors, publishers, and others involved in the production of digital books were invited to submit ballots. Nominations were accepted in over two dozen categories, including genre categories (horror, romance, thrillers, etc), format-specific (short story, novella, novel) and a few just-for-fun categories (such as The “I’ve Been Shyamalaned” Award for Best Twist Ending). Each category will be narrowed down further seven finalists, which will be announced July 1, 2012. Final voting will be opened to all registered attendees of the eFestival of Words, with winners announced on the last day of the fair. Registration is free and entitles the attendees to not only vote in the final awards, but also participate in panel discussion, author chats, workshops, and more. For more information on the fair and the awards, visit...

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Collaboration Station

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 | 0 comments

A few months ago, I mentioned I was starting a project with four other writers to build a collaborative world in which we would each set one novel. I wanted to relate some of my experiences for people interested in collaborative storytelling because I’m pretty excited about what we’ve accomplished so far. I went into the project with quite a few doubts, but I figured even if the group fell apart I’d still have some valuable experience and probably some ideas I could recycle into another story. Since we began corresponding, I’ve had nothing but good feelings. At first the process was slow. We spent a couple of weeks submitting ideas and voting on the basics. What kind of world did we want to build? What kind of magic systems should we invent? Were there any special races or technology we wanted to incorporate? Even when I didn’t get my first choice, we usually ended up with my second choice or third choice option, so I was pretty happy. Actually, I found the entire process interesting. By the time we started voting on things later on, I could predict with pretty fair accuracy what choice we’d end up using. Once we had a basic outline of our world we began working on our collaborative story bible. We tossed around ideas for different things that interested us, and there was a very natural splitting of the development of various aspects. There were some discussions were we didn’t all agree, of course, but there was never a time when we really butted heads and neither side would give way. While doing this all of us had ideas for our characters and stories that we shared with the group. It was the most exciting brainstorm experience I’ve ever been part of. I really can’t say enough positive things about the authors I’m collaborating with on this project. They are a bottomless fount of wonderful ideas. I got so many ideas I even outlined the first half of my book! I know, that I outlined something is shocking to me too. I’ve had a great experience so far, that has exceeded my expectations in every way. I would suggest that if any writers out there get the opportunity to take part in a collaborative project, give it a shot. What can I tell you about the project? I can tell you that this collection of books will be called The Drifting Isle Chronicles and that my own contribution will be titled Songbird’s Lament. My book features an opera singer, talking birds, and a cult of assassins. Our world features a floating island (obviously), several types of completely new magic, and lots of intrigue. I can share my wonderful collaborators: Charlotte E. English, Joseph Robert Lewis, MeiLin Miranda, and Katherine Tomlinson. If you’re interested in collaborative fictional worlds, check out Shared Story Worlds for great articles, including interviews and updates about our project along with other information on quite a few other...

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Review of The Iron Duke

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 | 0 comments

The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook My rating: 4 of 5 stars My first comment is not really on topic, but it really astounds me that the people who make the covers for these books don’t even make an attempt to have them suit the book. This one is hands down one of the worst in terms of matching the theme or events of the story. I just don’t get it at all. Anyway… This is my first steampunk in a long time and I really did enjoy the story. The nanobots was a cool addition to the more usual steampunk thing. I loved the alternate history aspect and the Mongolian Horde as the “evil empire.” Overall, lots of really good things happening in the book. Rhys was not my favorite hero ever, not by a long shot. I say this as a wildly outspoken supporter of alpha males everywhere: he was overbearing to the point of being an asshole. Now, his asshole tendencies did fit his character quite well. The problem was you had to get 60% of the way through the book to see why he was that way and for people who don’t like their heroes really obnoxious, I think that’s a tough sell. That said, his behavior was character and world appropriate. I know there are a lot of people who found him a bit too rapey, but I didn’t feel that way. He is very, very alpha and I’ll leave it at that. Mina was great. She had a nice combination of strength and vulnerability. The perfect amount of damage in a main character. I did think her about face was too abrupt. She went from being scared and mad at Rhys about something he did (which I won’t divulge because it would be a pretty big spoiler) to just about jumping his bones within a couple of pages. I just didn’t buy that. Anyway, a must read for steampunk fans and I think it would work for most anyone with a Paranormal Romance inclination as well. View all my...

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Elements Cover Reveal

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012 | 4 comments

Woohoo! I got my finalized cover for Elements back earlier this week from the wonderful Amanda Kelsey at Razzle Dazzle Design. As some of you probably remember from my previous rant, I’ve had a tough time getting this one out the door. From editing through now, I think it’s taken twice as long as Broods did. I’m really pleased with how the cover turned out, though! You ready to see it? You sure? Here it comes! You likey? I’m still waiting for one more piece before I ship the whole thing off to my formatter, but I’m hoping it will hit the virtual shelves on or before May 1st. More details when I have them. Peace Out....

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